TritanDb ( is a time-series database for Internet of Things (IoT) data and analytics with a rich graph data model and a fast lightweight core. It can be used to ingest, store and query time-series data in real-time. TRITAnDb stands for Time-series Rapid Internet of Things Analytics Database.


  • Best-of-class compression specifically optimised for time-series data.
  • Fast queries and aggregation utilising a specialised immutable data structure called TrTables.
  • Fast data ingestion utilising a ring buffer.
  • Event sourcing to support journaling.
  • Accepts out-of-order events.
  • Rich graph data models like RDF are supported to encourage semantic interoperability.
  • Powerful graph query engine with support for SPARQL.
  • Optimised for Fog Computing across lightweight Things as well as cloud servers.
  • Written in Kotlin and runs on the JVM.

Getting Started

Get It!

TritanDB is available from Github (

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